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Our embrace of the collective culture of Defence secures shared bonds of trust with each other. Gaining greater familiarity with Defence values we, in turn, lead others in our commitment to a shared ethos. As we grow in self-understanding, we come to greater awareness of our worldviews and the identities that inform us as individuals and members of our distinctive Groups and Services.

Working within cultural diversity means working effectively with cultural differences. Effective leadership that unites and communicates across cultural differences requires an understanding of different lenses and ways of explaining behaviour. Mastery of applicable anthropological theories translates into a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to effectively analyse and navigate diverse cross-cultural behaviour across the full spectrum of military operations and activities.

As we establish deeper personal insight and cultural understanding, we become ambassadors capable of strategically engaging with government and non-government entities, joint military partners, and multilateral institutions. We are able to lead and act effectively in any operational environment, recognise distinct organisational patterns, anticipate second and third-order mission effects, manage the perceptions of international partners, and successfully negotiate strategic outcomes for Defence.


Cross Cultural Leadership

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