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JPME Continuum

JPME Continuum

The second edition is a capstone publication, presented in three parts:

  • The Ends. This part sets the need for the intellectual edge based on the emerging strategic context. It then presents a golden thread link from a professional mastery structure to achieve individual professional wisdom.
  • The Ways. This part presents the framework for the enhanced JPME Continuum 2.0. It describes how professional mastery is developed through a career across five JPME levels.
  • The Means. This part is aimed at learning and development practitioners and describes how Defence meaningfully nurtures the intellectual edge. It focuses primarily on the intangible areas of holistic JPME as traditional training methods are already outlined in existing doctrine.

JPME Continuum 2.0

JPME Continuum 2.0

The Intellectual Edge

What is Professional Wisdom

Level 1: Induction

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Joint Operational

Level 4 Integrated

Level 5: National

Defence Technical Social

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