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Culture Doctrine

The aim of the first edition of ADF-P-0 Culture in the Profession of Arms articulates the ADF's approach to culture in the context of the development of a culturally aware and cross-culturally capable force, characterised by great teams able to work most effectively with others to achieve our mission. It is the principal text on culture and cultural intelligence in the ADF.

The Audience of this publication is intended to be a guide for professional development across all ranks. It informs trainers and educators who design and deliver learning and practical activities for the development of cultural intelligence.

The Scope of ADF-P-0 Culture in the Profession of Arms highlights the general principles applicable to the development of more resilient, adaptable and culturally capable Defence personnel. ADF-P-0 Culture in the Profession of Arms describes how ADF members can develop cultural intelligence at the individual level, within their teams and organisations, and in the application of cultural skills and knowledge across the spectrum of competition. This publication does not seek a narrow definition of culture in the profession of arms, but rather applies an adaptive understanding of cultural intelligence as a core military capability in the contemporary ADF.


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