Aim: This first edition of ADF-P-0 Character in the Profession of Arms articulates the ADF's approach to character in the context of the development of ethical leaders. It is the principal text on character and character development in the ADF.

Audience: This doctrine is written for, and relevant to, all ranks.

Purpose: Character lies at the heart of leadership and underpins ethical conduct. ADF-P-0 Character in the Profession of Arms describes how ADF members can develop good habits of social and professional practice which represent the highest levels of civilised personal conduct. Through an emphasis on cultivating practical wisdom, this doctrine guides the behaviour of ADF members in critical public service, particularly in the exercise of lethal force.

This publication does not seek a narrow definition of 'character in the profession of arms', but rather applies and evolves the classical pursuit of virtuous conduct in the contemporary Australian military setting.

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