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The Defence Strategic Studies Course has found a new home at ADC Weston Campus after the completion of the Defence and Strategic Studies Centre. The 2023 DSSC Course Members, staff and Deakin University academics have eagerly gone to work making the new Defence and Strategic Studies Centre their home since the start of the year.

With six large syndicate rooms and 19 Offices, the new Centre has proven to be more conducive to the learning journey of the Course Members. The new kitchen and communal area has been a big success in creating an environment that fosters the esprit de corps and the social networks vital to a successful course.

Course member Suzanne Duffy (Australian Border Force) agrees, believing that “the common area has allowed course members, staff and visiting lecturers to share food and conversation in an informal manner improving cohesion, understanding and a sense of camaraderie within the course.”

According to Syndicate Director Stephen Broadbent - “the new building has not only significantly enhanced our ability to support learning outcomes, it has also facilitated a greater exchange of ideas and views between Australian and Overseas Course Members.”

While DSSC is the main occupant of the new Centre, its function as a multi-user facility means that other resident units of ADC Weston have also been welcome. They have been able to use the facilities, whether it be for Officer space, or to conduct meetings and conferences. Overall, the DSSC Centre has been a great addition to the ADC Weston Campus and has already improved the DSSC experience for all our Australian and Overseas Course Members.

Staff and Course members of the DSSC would gladly welcome our Alumni to come and visit the next time they are out at Weston.