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A significant element of Defence Mastery is exploiting the cognitive dimension of the intellectual edge. The ability of personnel to exercise astute thinking in the fields of problem recognition, analysis, understanding and resolution is vital when delivering on Defence’s promise to the nation. While the military’s prime responsibility is to prevent conflict through shaping and deterring, unfortunately, there are times when we are called upon to respond. When this happens, it is almost certain that all other options have been exhausted and that the ADF is the last line of defence. There is no other agency standing by; failure is not an option.

Timely and effective decision-making comes from continued application in developing our problem-solving skills. Regardless of where on the conflict spectrum we find ourselves, cognitive agility is particularly important when faced with imminent danger. If the situation involves an adversary, then the ADF needs to think both faster and smarter than them if we are to succeed. Improving cognitive skills is a fundamental component of all JPME levels.

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