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Forging Excellence in the Profession of Arms.

The Forge serves as an online platform dedicated to fostering the intellectual growth and proficiency of individuals involved in the Profession of Arms. This novel approach to military education is delivered through the auspices of the Australian Defence College (ADC), an institution dedicated to facilitating the professional mastery of Defence organisation members.

Aligned with the Continuum of Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), The Forge was strategically designed to support ongoing learning in key domains. Its four principal study areas encompassed National Security Policy and Strategy, Command Leadership and Ethics, Joint Warfare and Technology, and Capability. Note that the revised JPME Continuum 2.0, released in 2022, has changed that structure. With the release of Forge 3.0 in November 2023 the structure will also be updated to reflect the changes to the continuum.

Contrasting with conventional military professional development, which typically occurs within classroom settings or formal learning environments, The Forge distinguishes itself as an accessible online learning portal, available anytime and anywhere. Its structured study areas effectively complement and extend traditional course delivery. This allows users to engage with The Forge for personal enrichment, to advance their professional development, or to support research pertinent to formal education and training in the national security sector.

One of The Forge's unique aspects lies in its user-driven content generation, allowing anyone to submit materials for publication. These materials span a wide range, including academic articles, videos, imagery, blogs, and website links, encompassing both existing resources and original contributions.

To maintain the quality of the platform's content, all submissions undergo a rigorous review process by the dedicated team before being published. Once made available online, users can access and share these resources to aid both informal and formal JPME pursuits.

The Forge remains a dynamic and evolving entity, responding to user feedback and the latest advancements within the profession of arms and JPME at large. It warmly welcomes contributions and insights from its audience, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment for the benefit of all.