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Friends of The Forge

The Forge is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual acumen of individuals engaged in the Profession of Arms.


In June of 2022, we initiated the design and production of seasonal posters as part of our promotional efforts. These posters serve as a compilation of the previous season's articles, complemented by a convenient QR code facilitating swift access to The Forge's resources. Initially, these posters were solely distributed at physical locations within the Australian Defence College.

We are pleased to announce that these posters are now accessible online.

If you are an educator or instructor working with Defence and seek supplementary resources related to the Joint Professional Military Education Continuum, we encourage you to download and print our posters for display in your classroom.

Likewise, if you are a leader striving to foster a culture of continuous learning, you can make use of our posters by displaying them on public noticeboards, granting your personnel access to a wealth of relevant articles.

We will continue to release new posters at the onset of each season, ensuring a regular influx of fresh content. Remember to revisit The Forge periodically to access the latest materials.

Thank you for being part of our endeavour to facilitate learning and growth within the Defence community.


The Forge Team


Summer 2023 Poster

Summer 2023 Poster

The Summer 2023 Poster

A new anvil for a new Forge. This poster features our 'Summer Reading' of articles published over the last three months: 

  • The Use of Force by States Under International Law by Garri Benjamin Hendell
  • Do Microcredentials Provide Value to Defence? by Major Paul Sylvester
  • Going Under the Rose: Reflections on the development of ‘Sub Rosa: The Game for Intelligence Practitioners’ by Kevin Davies
  • Mission Command: Unfinished Business by Major Thomas Basan
  • Causes and Consequences of Putin’s Disregard of the Clausewitzian Principles of War by Gary Menten and Dr Julian Spencer-Churchill 

Download the Poster (1.2Mb)

Spring 2023 Poster

Spring 2023 Poster for the Forge

The Spring 2023 Poster

While not very 'forge-like' this photo was taken just outside the main door of the Geddes building at the Australian Defence College.

  • International Law and Military Conduct by Garri B Hendell  
  • An Ethical Leader Cares by Anne Goyne
  • Still Losing Our Religion by COL Phillip Hoglin
  • Theory of Action by FLGOFF Davis Jean-Baptiste PhD
  • Getting Our Feet Wet by MAJ Ash Zimmerlie
  • Jaime Cullens Writing Competition - Winning Entries presented by the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics

Download the Poster (2.4Mb)

Winter 2023 Poster

Winter 2023

The Winter 2023 Poster

This poster highlights articles published from the beginning of March 2023 through to the end of May 2023. This poster features the following articles and authors:

  • Net Assessment by BRIG Michael Scott
  • International Law by Garri B Hendell
  • Working With Civvies by GPCPT Callum Brown
  • Thinking Strategically by Thomas Basan
  • Hard Power is a Reality by Will Hitchen
  • Can Australians Fight by Scott Davidson

Download the Poster (1.16Mb)

Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 poster

The Autumn 2023 Poster

With twelve excellent essays published in this quarter, we had no room for all the titles and names. However, we can name them here:

  • Lessons from the 2022 Russian-Ukraine War by MAJ Brook Smith
  • Even Imperfect Tools Can Be Useful by CMDR T Colclough RAN
  • Evolution or Revolution by Major Sean Benjamin USA
  • A Systems Engineer’s view of the Military Appreciation Process by SQNLDR Ben Gierke
  • Plan for the Reality by LCDR Bill Miles
  • Increasing Australian’s relative superiority through multi-domain kill webs by MAJ Nicholas Clarke
  • Planned to Fail or Failed to Plan by WGCDR Claire Mooy
  • The ADF needs non-linearity in contemporary planning by MAJ SM Scott
  • Realising a data-centric all-domain kill-web through network-driven system design by WGCDR John Thornton
  • Are linear planning models even more critical as warfare evolves greater complexity? by MAJ David Bellas
  • The Joint Military Appreciation Process: The Good, The Bad and Some Alternatives by CMDR Ryan Post
  • An evaluation of the Russian arrangement of military operations during the first phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War by WGCDR Roslyn Walker

Download the Poster (642Kb)

Summer 2022

SUmmer Poster 2022

The Summer 2022 Poster

This poster highlights articles published from the beginning of September 2022 through to the end of November 2022. This poster features the following articles and authors:

  • China and Russia - The View from the engaged watcher’s armchair by Dr. Anna Leavy
  • Cementing Iran into a Russo-Chinese Coalition is Strategic Folly by Behrooz Ayaz and Dr Julian Spencer-Churchill
  • Needless anxiety over China will only make it true by Jack Ryan
  • Break in the Chain - Intelligence Ignored Launching of the Easter Offensive of 1972 by Walter Robert (Bob) Baker
  • Climate and Australia’s National Security by Elliot Parker

Download the Poster (842Kb)

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Poster

The Spring 2022 Poster

This poster highlights articles published from the beginning of September 2022 through to the end of November 2022. This poster features the following articles and authors:

  • Enter the Contemporary Warrant Officer by WOFF K Robertson & WOFF C Hill
  • Rhetoric and Reason: What drives the US and China by J. Ryan
  • Back to the Future for the South West Pacific by C. Watson
  • The Next Revolution in Defence Spending by Garri Benjamin Hendell
  • Online Learning: No Going Back by J. Carswell

Download the Poster (957Kb)

Winter 2022

WInter 2022

The Winter 2022 Poster

This poster highlights articles published from the beginning of May 2022 through to the end of May 2022. This poster features the following articles and authors:

  • Information - The missing member of the Military Quartet by Jason Logue
  • Russia's Invasion of the Ukraine - Five Lessons by Dr Julian Spencer-Churchill
  • In Memorium: UNSC by Jack Mackay Stanhope

Download the Poster (2.4Mb)