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  • @ADC_Australia. Intellectually preparing military leaders for future digital age warfare through the delivery of future focused joint professional education and joint individual training. 
  • @CoveTweet. Professional development network for the Australian Army.  
  • @DEF_Aus. Developing junior leaders by fostering conceptual innovation for the profession of arms.  
  • @Doctrine_Man. Discussions on key national security issues and military community advocacy, with a little humour on the side.
  • @GoundCuriosity. Conversations about the profession of arms.  
  • @Mil_Leader. Hosted by a US Army Officer; providing resources and insights for leaders of all professions to grow themselves and develop their teams.
  • @MilWritersGuild. A global network of service members, veterans, analysts and writers dedicated to heightening discourse in the field of arms.  
  • @pptsapper. Snark-filled dialogue on leadership, history and Star Wars (not necessarily in that order).
  • @WarInstitute. Hosted by the US Military Academy and dedicated to the study of war and warfare.
  • @WarInTheFuture. Discussions around strategic competition and future conflict.



The Dead Prussian. Explore war and warfare through discussion and analysis of military theory, historical events, contemporary conflicts and expert interviews.

Leaders Huddle. Discussions intended to educate and inspire current and future generations of junior officers.

The Modern War Institute. A US Department of Military Instruction resource that delivers podcasts on a range of military issues.

War 4 Idiots. Two idiots attempt to understand the complexities of War using their own unique senses of dark humour.

War Stories. Narrative audio show focused on stories at the heart of conflict and the particular components of warfare.

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Defence Mastery

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Military Power Joint Mastery defence-poa-level4
Integrated National Power defence-poa-level5

Technical Mastery

Basic Military Skills tech-corems-level1
One Defence Capability System tech-corems-level3
Integrated Systems tech-corems-level4
Civil - Military Interface tech-corems-level5
Advanced Specialisation tech-ecat-level2
Capability Leadership tech-ecat-level3
Joint Effects tech-ecat-level4
Civil - Military Interface tech-ecat-level5

Social Mastery

Lead Self social-influence-level1
Lead Teams Lead Leaders social-influence-level2
Lead Operating Systems social-influence-level3
Lead Capability social-influence-level4
Lead Integrated Systems social-influence-level5
Ethical Philosophies social-ethics-level2
Moral Leadership social-ethics-level3
Stewarding the Profession social-ethics-level5


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