The Runway

The Runway, Air Force’s new professional development platform designed to foster a broad community of learning was launched on 31 Oct 19 by Commander Air Force Training Group, Air Commodore Glen Braz.

Air Force, Australian Defence Organisation and other government agency personnel are invited to engage with the curated content and take the opportunity to participate in a whole-of-government discussion around the key topics affecting the delivery of air and space power for Australia’s future.

A public-facing site for its content, The Runway’s members will have exclusive access to online discussions and events. Members from diverse professional backgrounds, abilities and ranks are encouraged to critically analyse, consider alternatives, voice innovations, and contribute to the greater organisational understanding via professional discourse.

“Engaging with content through comments and online events will particularly benefit those Air Force members seeking to demonstrate their commitment to furthering their own development”, said Air Commodore Braz.

Acknowledging the value of its members’ time, The Runway is optimised with reputable content to support self-paced and self-directed learning 24/7-365. Through a personalised and responsive online experience, the site allows members to filter content by topic, PME level, read time, themed collections, and online events.

Visit The Runway at