Department of Defence


by DL Johnston, AO Vice Admiral, RAN

Vice Chief of the Defence Force

Joint Concepts link strategy to the development and employment of future force capabilities and increase the warfighting effectiveness of the Joint Force. They are the method by which the

Australian Defence Force develops ideas that can embrace the opportunities and confront the challenges that we will face in the Future Operating Environment. Joint Concepts inform future iterations of the Integrated Investment Program to design a Joint Force that will fight and win.

This concept is the amalgamation of research activities from scientific and academic communities, the concepts of partner nations and the ideas of critical thinkers from within the Department of Defence. This concept has been tested through the Joint Experimentation Program to confirm that the alternate model of capability and thought it proposes is fit for purpose. The result is a warfighting narrative that identifies the uniquely Australian way in which the Joint Force will achieve operational success.

This Concept is to guide the acquisition of capabilities, employment of the Joint Force and Education and Training of our people. However, Concepts must be subject to continual improvement, as the nature of the operating environment evolves we must reconsider the design of the Future Joint Force. Your feedback is critical to the continued relevance of our capability.

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