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The Review Team were tasked with ensuring that Defence is fit for purpose and is able to deliver against its strategy with the minimum resources necessary. Using a structured framework, the team have conducted an end-to-end holistic review based on the outcomes required of Defence and founded on the first principles agreed by the review team. Simply put they sought to answer the question, what is the most effective and efficient organisation that will enable Defence to deliver the outcomes required of it?
The combined effect is a more unified and integrated organisation that is more consistently linked to its strategy and clearly led by its centre. It has four key features:

• A stronger and more strategic centre able to provide clear direction, contestability of decision-making, along with enhanced organisational control of resources and monitoring of organisational performance;

• An end-to-end approach for capability development with Capability Managers having clear authority and accountability as sponsors for the delivery of capability outcomes to time and budget, supported by an integrated capability delivery function and subject to stronger direction setting and contestability from the centre;

• Enablers that are integrated and customer-centric with greater use of cross-functional processes, particularly in regional locations; and

• A planned and professional workforce with a strong performance management culture at its core. 

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