Claire Pearson

Attention ladies! Did you hear?
You can be a musketeer!
Wear a beret, fight like men,
just be sure to hide your femme.

Fire a rifle, hump a pack,
steady girls prepare for flak.
Doesn’t matter what you do,
‘cause Twitter-sphere’s got a view.

Prove your worth and earn your place,
makes no diff’rence for the case.
Token female, yes that’s you,
cheap shots thrown, there are a few.

Comments on your braids and bun,
never mind you shoot a gun.
Clothes and makeup’s all they see,
breaking glass? I disagree!

‘In my day’ the old vets start,
their loaded views they impart.
Ignorant but bold as brass,
certain you are not their class.

If you fail now, they will say
‘this is proof, girls shouldn’t fray!’
Succeed? Again, vultures tweet
‘she must’ve found how to cheat’.

Should you fall, for country flag,
rest in peace,  in body bag,
‘Daughters!’ ‘Mothers!’ they’ll becry,
sacred vessels should not die.

Armchair generals, they’ll proclaim:
‘Feminism is to blame!’
You heard right girls, it is true,
war is not the place for you.

But my dear, hold this to heart,
you were born to serve the part!
Listen not to what they say,
you are not some Twitter prey.

Chins out ladies, you will see
ten years now, I guarantee,
those in doubt will find the truth,
you belong, your merit proof.