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  • Yarning’s Patron letter-Lieutenant General Natasha Fox honours language capability in her first letter as Yarning's Patron.
  • Language, culture, and the military: A case for joint linguists-A proposal for dedicated Defence linguists to meet the diverse and ever-expanding demands Defence has for language capability and cross-cultural engagement.
  • Ancient history from an ancient linguist- As a former Defence Attaché to Saudi Arabia, Colonel John Paterson draws upon his rich experiences, sharing his top five tips for linguists. A must-read for those seeking to make language part of their Defence career.
  • Do our identities change when we speak another language?-Exploring the relationships between communication and our authentic expression of self, our columnist delves into the reasons bilinguals may feel their identities shift when changing languages.
  • Building bonds, one laugh at a time-Should comedic skills be a linguistic priority? Alongside other important insights, two Indonesian linguists discuss how laughter shortens the distance between people and helped forge success during a joint Australian and Indonesian disaster relief exercise.
  • On the verge of extinction: Kusunda-Dive into the uniqueness of this western Nepalese ‘language isolate’. With no ancestral roots common to any known language and only a single remaining native speaker, continued preservation efforts are paramount.


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Established in 2022, Yarning (formerly the 'Defence Linguist Magazine') is the official language and culture magazine published primarily for the information and entertainment of Defence personnel and their families. Articles focus on language, linguistic experiences, and the intersections of culture and communication. Defence personnel are highly encouraged to contribute, and submissions from people external to Defence are also welcome. Yarning is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December each year.