Going Under the Rose: Reflections on the development of ‘Sub Rosa: The Game for Intelligence Practitioners’

Dive into the world of educational gaming with "Sub Rosa," a board game that demystifies intelligence operations and demonstrates the power of collaboration in learning.

Kevin Davies

Do Microcredentials Provide Value to Defence?

Unlocking the Power of Microcredentials in Learning & Defence. In a world where skills matter more than ever, microcredentials have emerged as game-changers. Dive into their potential, benefits, and pitfalls in the realm of Defence education. Are they the key to a more innovative, more agile force? Find out!

Major Paul Sylvester

The Use of Force by States Under International Law

Of the three questions examined in this series—understanding how international law works, the rules constraining the employment of military forces in war , and the question of when the use of force is justified at all —it is the last question, the subject of this third and final instalment, that is the easiest to explain.

Garri Benjamin Hendell

Theory of Action

Uncovering Student Science Learning Motivation: How do pre-service teachers' perspectives shape motivation strategies? Explore the evolving Theory of Action in science education through a compelling Australian case study. Valuable insights for teacher education and Training Systems Officers.

D. Jean-Baptiste PhD, Dr Leandra Griffith Jean-Baptiste, SQNLDR M Truscott and WNGCDR K Whitney

Still Losing our Religion

Military Wellbeing Support in a Secular Context. Delve into the complexities of providing support to non-religious Australian Defence Force members. Explore the reliance on religious chaplains and the need for diverse professionals. Discover the potential impact on member well-being and join us in exploring the evolving landscape of military support.

COL Phillip Hoglin

International Law and Military Conduct

The Sixth Commandment in the Hebrew bible (the Torah, or ‘Old Testament’) is often mistranslated as ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’. Properly understood, what the commandment actually forbids is murder or unjustified killing.

Garri Benjamin Hendell

An Ethical Leader Cares (Part II)

Discover the hidden strength within the military: the philosophy of care. While often overlooked, care is far from a weakness. It binds soldiers together, making them stronger and more resilient. But what does care really mean in this context? Dive into this thought-provoking article by Anne Goyne, to uncover how care drives personal sacrifice, shapes ethical leadership, and ultimately serves as the moral compass of the military. Don't miss out on understanding the transformative power of care in the armed forces.

Anne Goyne

An Ethical Leader Cares (Part I)

Unveiling the untold connection between military leadership, moral injury, and the ethics of care. Dive into a captivating article that challenges traditional notions of "care" and reveals its true significance in the military context. Explore how the philosophy of care demands responsibility, shapes ethical decision-making, and safeguards against moral injury. Discover why caring is not a weakness but a powerful force that ensures the ethical conduct of military leaders and combatants. Join author Anne Goyne in this thought-provoking journey to understand the profound impact of care on military operations and the prevention of moral harm.

Anne Goyne

"Getting Our Feet Wet": Operation POSTERN 1943 and Future Amphibious Campaigning

Operation POSTERN was a joint forcible entry operation in New Guinea, 1943, spearheaded by land forces from the Australian I Corps. It was a truly joint and combined operation that involved all three services and forces from Australia and the United States. A retrospective glance at POSTERN affords valuable insights for future maritime campaigning. For the foreseeable future, the core military problem for amphibious and littoral operational planners is likely to remain gaining access to maritime terrain across multiple contested domains, and generating sufficient combat power ashore to stage at or seize advance bases. Operation POSTERN offers important operational lessons in theater-shaping, deception, manoeuvre, and advance basing.

Ash Zimmerlie

International Law: A Primer for Military Readers

International law is a topic which confounds most lawyers, let alone members of the general public or military personnel. Despite so much of it having been incorporated into the US Army’s DNA through the law of land warfare, the foundational premise of international law is so poorly understood that it tends to fall into the category of something soldiers have to learn about and comply with, but none really understand.

Garri Benjamin Hendell

Working With Civvies – the Integrated Workplace

There are so many public servants working for Defence that it is important to know how to work with them.

‘Department of Defence analysis, produced last year and seen by The Mandarin, raises concerns that cultural differences between navy, army, air force and Defence public service can be a structural source of workplace bullying, mistreatment of women and other unacceptable behaviour.’[1]

GPCAPT Callum Brown

Thinking Strategically - Reflections

The Australian Government is very active on many fronts, including Defence.[1] The relatively recent realisation that the world is heading to a great geostrategic reset[2], leading to a new world order, has raised the anxiety of politicians, agriculturalists, miners, industrialists and the military.[3] Both the transition and the new geostrategic state are potentially inimical to Australia’s interests and sovereignty, making the work of ‘thinking strategically’ ur

Thomas Basan