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For more than a year now, the Forge has been diligently creating posters to promote its mission across the notice boards at the Australian Defence College. While we have always aspired to extend the distribution of these posters to other educational sites within Defence, time and resource constraints have hindered our efforts.

However, a new idea sparked our interest: why not offer our foreign authors the opportunity to showcase their work through these posters and make them available online? And why limit it to just them?

Thus, we are thrilled to introduce the Friends of the Forge section. Here, our Forge posters will be accessible to everyone, who can proudly display them wherever suitable or allowed. Each poster will highlight a selection of articles from the previous three months and include a convenient QR code that viewers can scan to visit the Forge homepage.

As the seasons change, expect fresh posters to be added promptly, with the next one scheduled for release in September.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we plan to incorporate additional items whenever possible. This includes postcard-style prints featuring the artwork from individual articles, accompanied by a summary on the back, as well as turning individual articles into printable chapbooks.

We value your input, and we encourage you to share your ideas for the "Friends of the Forge" section. To do so, you can leave an anonymous message in our feedback section.

Speaking of feedback, we are pleased to announce that we have removed the requirement to provide a name and email address when submitting feedback. This ensures that your feedback remains truly anonymous, fostering an open and candid exchange of ideas.

Thank you for being part of the Forge community, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

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