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For our readers, we invite you to explore the latest entries in the War College Papers 2023. We are currently publishing a new paper each week, with this schedule set to continue until mid-August. These papers are not featured as headline articles yet but can be conveniently accessed via the More Menu > War College Papers > War College Papers 2023.

Additionally, The Forge has been updated to reflect the Joint Professional Military Education Continuum Version 2.0. We have endeavoured to accurately re-tag articles from the previous version to 2.0, yet with the vast number of articles, this process was expedited. If you encounter any articles that may have been incorrectly tagged, please inform us by commenting on the article, using the feedback form, or directly emailing The Forge. Your feedback is invaluable and we encourage you to share your insights directly on this post.

With the update to JPME Continuum Version 2.0, new sections such as Character contain very few articles. We encourage both new and established authors interested in contributing to The Forge to consider writing articles that address these less populated areas. Submissions filling these content gaps will be prioritised during the approval process.

In regards to the approval process, The Forge is considering a transition towards a submission model similar to that recently released by The Cove, which has adopted a 'pitch before submission' approach. This method allows authors to submit a brief pitch outlining their proposed article, enabling the Cove to assess its potential before a full submission is requested. By adopting this approach The Forge could benefit by streamlining the approval process and authors would also benefit by saving time on submissions that may not meet the publication criteria. We are keen to hear your thoughts on this potential change—please feel free to comment below with your feedback or suggestions.

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