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Introduction to the Submission Guidelines

We welcome ideas and submissions from anyone, including people external to the Australian Department of Defence. The main criterion is that articles communicate ideas about language and/or culture in a way that is accessible and stimulating. We trust the below guidelines will help you with your submission., If you have any questions, please contact us via:


  • Yarning is not an academic journal, but a popular magazine distributed to a wide audience, including those outside the military. Authors are asked to pitch the content of their contributions accordingly.
  • The article title, your name, and the total word count should be included at the top of the article.
  • If using technical linguistic terms, please provide a definition within the body of the text.
  • Please avoid acronyms and abbreviations if possible or provide explanations if necessary. If they are required, use the word/s in full in the first instance, then use the acronym thereafter.
  • Figures and diagrams must include a title and/or an explanation.
  • The ideal length of written contributions is between 500 and 2000 words. Longer and shorter contributions may be considered.


Please provide a brief biography with your contribution. Approximately 100 words is ideal but can be shorter or longer if necessary.

Quotes & referencing

  • You may explain where the key ideas or research originates, and/or paraphrase academic works, but try to limit or altogether avoid academic-style referencing (in-text citations) where possible.
  • Instead of a bibliography, provide a short list of key references (books, articles, and websites) in a Find out more section at the end of the article.


  • Contributors are strongly encouraged to find (or make suggestions for) images to go alongside their text; this may reduce the length of time it takes for your article to be published.
  • A ratio of one image or suggested image for every 300 words is ideal.
  • Images should be provided by email in a high-quality image file (eg JPEG) and must be separate from the Word document. We cannot use low-resolution images.
  • Captions for the images should be included within the email containing the image files, making sure to clearly identify the image title to which each caption relates.
    • Captions must answer the "Who, What, Where, When" of each photo, and give photography credit where known.

For Australian Defence personnel only

If you are employed within the Australian Department of Defence, once your article has been accepted by Yarning you will be required to have your article reviewed by your Commanding Officer or their delegate for clearance purposes.


Authors can submit articles either through the Yarning Submission Form or via email to Yarning.

All articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.


Yarning reserves the right to edit and adapt content as necessary for accuracy, readability, comprehensiveness, and audience experience. This may include adding or editing images, the title, headline, article content, and blurb to promote the content. No opinions that are materially different from those expressed in the author’s original work will be included without first seeking approval from the author.

Copyright and Other Third-Party Rights

Each contributor warrants that they are the author/creator of the material submitted. They are the owner of or otherwise entitled to exercise the copyright in the material submitted to Yarning.

Each contributor warrants that Yarning’s publication of the material submitted will not infringe any third-party rights.

Each contributor agrees that Yarning may authorise third parties to publish, reproduce, modify, and edit the material for publication within Yarning.

Each contributor agrees that Yarning may authorise third parties to archive and store your material for whatever period of time Yarning determines.

Approval Process

All submissions will be reviewed and considered by Yarning. We aim to do this within four weeks of submission. However, this is not always achievable.

The decision to publish the contribution is at the discretion of Yarning.

By submitting a contribution, each contributor agrees to the above guidelines.