How to Survive a Posting to a joint Unit: The Three Services’ Cultural Approaches to Leadership and Discipline


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The Chiefs: A Study of Strategic Leadership

In 2007, a research project was undertaken by Dr Nick Jans, Jamie Cullens and Dr Stephen Mugford, analysing the process of top-level strategic leadership in the Australian Defence Community.

Nicholas Jans
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Centers of Gravity from the “Inside Out”

LTCOL Jan Rueschhoff and LTCOL Jonathan Dunne’s paper on identifying Centre of Gravity through the “Inside Out” method. The paper aims to provide a better understanding of Critical Factors Analysis to allow staff to develop plans that are both more efficient and effective.

Jan Rueschhoff and Jonathan Dunne
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Age of Empires: Balancing Imperial Commitments between the First and Second World Wars

This article explores how the interwar period resulted in imperial commitments, military, strategic and political culture that severely constrained Britain and France’s ability to prepare for and fight war in Europe.

Jan Koudelka

Balancing Empire and War: Britain and France in the Early 20th Century

This paper argues that while Britain and France did face some constraints in their need to balance imperial commitments with European war preparations in the 19th and 20th centuries, their respective imperial possessions provided some essential benefits in their attempts to ready themselves for a continental war.

Jason Wright

AWS Machine Learning Blog

This is a BLOG with articles drawn from multiple authors investigating different applications and uses of Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on commercial analytics although topics are diverse and cover subjects such as neural pathways. This will provide an understanding of how smart analytics can assist in making decisions at Tactical, Operational and Strategic levels.

Is AI Really a Threat to Humanity?

Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning and Imitation Learning in Robotics

The article is aimed at any military officer or non-commissioned soldier with an interest in future technologies. No formal study in the field is required. The article is useful to appreciate the current pace in artificial intelligence designs and to inform realistic future military capabilities.

Xue Bin Peng, Angjoo Kanazawa, Vitchyr Pong, Ashvin Navir, Tianhe Yu, Chelsea Finn


This last day, then his mother, his brother
Keep pushing! One foot in front of the other
Each foot protected in iconic kangaroo skin
Its owner tripping over what’s come and been 
His implant buzzed, warning of enemy near
But he’d long since lost that needle-like fear
AI intel, bioenhancements, anything he’d need
The implant could coordinate at quantum speed
At first he’d been thrilled, even named it Ned
Because it rhymed with, but prevented him dead
He sighed as rain drops fell on his boots

Sarah Lucinsky