Going Under the Rose: Reflections on the development of ‘Sub Rosa: The Game for Intelligence Practitioners’

Dive into the world of educational gaming with "Sub Rosa," a board game that demystifies intelligence operations and demonstrates the power of collaboration in learning.

Kevin Davies

Do Microcredentials Provide Value to Defence?

Unlocking the Power of Microcredentials in Learning & Defence. In a world where skills matter more than ever, microcredentials have emerged as game-changers. Dive into their potential, benefits, and pitfalls in the realm of Defence education. Are they the key to a more innovative, more agile force? Find out!

Major Paul Sylvester

Third Place - Category 1 - Essays

War and asymmetrical morality: an exploration of how the ethical systems of different cultures can become a tactical consideration in warfare and conflict escalation.

PTE Madison Sage

Third Place - Category 4 - Poetry

The Aft Lookout

I said face forward, Seaman
The past is not yours
You’ve done half a dog’s watch[1]
You’ve no medals, no tours

I come from a time
Of steel men and wood ships
You are new to these waters
Batten down those loose lips[2]

My nose, it is hardened
My skin’s crusted with salt
You’re fresh, in need of ruling
Bring inspiration to a halt!

1 min

Second Place - Category 3 - Short Stories

The story of CPL Harry Draper.

PTE Lachlan Hutchings

Second Place - Cateogory 4 - Poetry

Unexpected Wedding

February 2009

Blackest night, I lay on the floor sleeping
The calm of darkness comforting my soul
For the wedding has ended; guests have left
Stars keep watch over the dusty compound.

(Flush these insurgents out!)

A light burst forth - angry cacophony!
The barking of dogs and braying of men
Shattered wooden doors all over the floor
I wake up and feel the fear in my heart.

(Damn, get that one! Shoot him!)

Mr Mark Acebo
1.5 m

The Use of Force by States Under International Law

Of the three questions examined in this series—understanding how international law works, the rules constraining the employment of military forces in war , and the question of when the use of force is justified at all —it is the last question, the subject of this third and final instalment, that is the easiest to explain.

Garri Benjamin Hendell

Second Place - Category 2 - Articles and Opinion Pieces


…Decisions in the Computer Age


…and how does it affect the ethics of a leader’s decisions?

SQNLDR Mitch Higbed

First Place - Category 1 - Essays

Is Emotionally Unintelligent Leadership the Enemy Within?

Defence has recently been heavily engaged in support to the Australian Community with Bushfire Assist, flood relief and COVID-19 pandemic support. Discuss the impact of this involvement from leadership, ethics, character or cross-cultural capability in Defence.

Corporal Caitlin Riley

First Place - Category 3 - Short Stories

Fangs Out, Eyes Up

Paulo was far from the perfect operator, but not too far from the average one. Static filled his mind as he stared intently at the empty radar picture in front of him. The night air was thick with the metronomic hum of the semi-portable radar that spun barely metres above his head. He sat slumped in his chair, imagining the things he could be doing if a few more things had gone his way.

A sharp crackle of static shot through his headset and snapped him alert.

AB Thomas Stone, RAN:

First Place - Cateogory 4 - Poetry

Haiku: Roaring Rain Falls Down

Roaring Rain Falls Down
Burning Homes and Clouds of War
Our Soldier Stands Firm

LT Luke Dekkers