Military college graduates celebrating and throwing caps in the air

A Letter to Our New Academy Graduates

This week, new Australian military officers will graduate from the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. The Commander of the Australian Defence College offers some final advice as they march off the parade ground for the final time.

COMADC Mick Ryan
4 min
Puzzle with a missing piece

The Value Proposition for Developing a Future Intellectual Edge

Mick Ryan offers a new ‘value proposition’ for the intellectual development of military personnel for conflict in the 4th industrial revolution.

COMADC Mick Ryan
2 min
Hand holding a sparkler

Thoughts from The Edge

Mick Ryan is the Commander of the Australian Defence College. This column from Ryan and his contributors focusses on intellectually preparing members of the profession of arms for strategic competition and future conflict.

COMADC Mick Ryan