A cowboy that may represent eith the good the bad or the alternative

The Joint Military Appreciation Process: The Good, The Bad and Some Alternatives.

This article evaluates the principal strengths and weaknesses of the ADF’s Joint Military Appreciation Process when used in the planning and execution of operations against complex adaptive systems. It proposes that the ADF could either scrap the JMAP process and move to an existing and more suitable framework for complex adaptive systems, or continue to use the JMAP in conjunction with these more adaptive reiterative systems.

CMDR Ryan Post
Russia sticking a knife into the toaster that is the Ukraine

An evaluation of the Russian arrangement of military operations during the first phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War

This essay's thesis is that Russia failed to achieve its primary objective due to inadequate operational risk management. This risk, combined with failures in combined arms warfare and logistical problems, led to Russian forces failing to maintain sufficient operational reach and reaching their culminating point before achieving their operational objective.

WGCDR Roslyn Walker.