'Why We Write' Series - Writing and Fighting: The Intellectual Edge

Writing and Fighting: The Intellectual Edge

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

'Why We Write' Series - #WhyWeWrite


Jenna Higgins

Jenna Higgins

'Why We Write' Series - Writing to convince – why I write

Writing to convince – why I write

David Beaumont

David Beaumont
Why We Write Series - Blood, Treasure and Time

'Why We Write' Series - Blood, Treasure, and Time

Blood, Treasure, and Time.

Mick Cook

LTCOL Mick Cook
Why We Write - Why We Don't Write

'Why We Write' Series - Why We Don't Write

Why We Don’t Write

Kate Tollenaar

'If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word’

Margaret Atwood


This piece is written to offer a different perspective for The Forge series of articles on #whywewrite. Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone and this blog examines some of the common traps that hinder our writing. In exploring the reasons why we don’t write, the intent is to offer ways to approach the problem of how to write. 

MAJ Kate Tollenaar

'Why We Write' Series - The Angry 'Young' Man

Trav Hallen

I write because I am angry. That is probably not what The Forge editors were looking for when they asked me to contribute to this series, but hear me out; there is a nuance in that statement.

WGCDR Trav Hallen

The 'Why We Write' Series

The Forge editors are proud to present our first series, entitled 'Why We Write'. The series will showcase some current ADF military writers, with the intention of encouraging others, particularly at the rank of O5 and above, to consolidate their thinking and experience into a written form. The contributions are very honest and open accounts of why officers have chosen to contribute to the discourse on the myriad matters that affect the military profession.

The Forge Editors and Invited Contributors
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'Why We Write' Series - Introduction

Introduction to the #WhyWeWrite Series

The Forge editors

The Forge Editorial Team
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'Why We Write' Series - Writing and Leadership

Writing and Leadership

MAJGEN Mick Ryan
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'Why We Write' Series - Why We Write

'Why We Write' (#whywewrite)

Angeline Lewis

WGCDR Angeline Lewis

The Competition Prism

“Our traditional way that we differentiate between peace and war is insufficient …….we think of being at peace or war…our adversaries don’t think that way.” 

General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 21 September and 5 October 2016 

Brigadier Grant Mason
4 min
Exercise RIMPAC 2018

US Marine Corps to Re-Focus on Sea Control

The US Marine Corps has just released its new Commandant’s Guidance, foreshadowing a return to their traditional role of supporting the Navy’s fight for Sea Control now that it is being increasingly challenged. There are valuable insights for the ADF in understanding this fundamental shift in US Marine Corps thinking.

CDRE Peter Leavy
3 min