MAJGEN Mick Ryan portrait

The professional learning journey of Defence personnel never ends. Carl von Clausewitz describes war as having an enduring nature but a constantly changing character. So too the profession of arms reflects this duality. It is a profession that is constantly evolving as society and technology changes. And just when we might seek to achieve mastery of the profession in a contemporary context, so too must we also ensure that our military and civilian leaders can intellectually succeed in future strategic and operational environments.

While the character of war has evolved significantly over time, the enduring human nature of war means we must continue to emphasise, adapt and invest in intellectual development through a robust and future oriented professional military education system. The development of the intellectual edge is a cornerstone of military capability and the primary purpose of professional military education institutions.

The Australian Joint Professional Military Education Continuum is the official guidebook for Australia’s Joint Professional Military Education system to develop mastery in the profession of arms for all Australian Defence personnel. It is an enduring framework for future-proofing Australia’s intellectual edge in warfighting.

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Major General
Commander Australian Defence College