Jamie Cullens Defence Essay Competition - 2018 Winners

CDLE Department of Defence


The Jamie Cullens Defence Leadership and Ethics Essay Competition (JCEC) had a range of excellent contributions for 2018 and we are very proud to present them here on The Forge.

The prize winners were divided into four essay competition categories:

Category 1: ADF Members (E-1 to E-6)

Category 2: ADF Members (E-7 to E-8 and O-1 to O-4)

Category 3: APS Levels 1-6

Category 4: Senior Defence Members (E-9 to E-10, O-5 and above, EL1 and above)

We have also published the overall best essay. Well done to all our prize winners!

The Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics at the Australian Defence College is looking forward to reading the range of thoughtful and thought provoking contributions for 2019.