Introduction by: Major General Mick Ryan


Over the past two decades, civilian and military centres of learning have explored online learning. The opportunity to connect more people and make learning accessible to more people through the internet is one of the great advances of the past two decades. Organisations such as the Khan Academy, among others, have arisen and created a new online learning industry.


For military and civilian tertiary education institutions, it has been more of a mixed bag. While we have all explored and experimented with new online approaches, all methods die hard. Civilian academic institutions have centuries invested in the face-to-face delivery of learning. Military institutions too have learning models drawn from the 19th century in preparing their leaders in a residential environment. In military training, in-person training is the norm so that we might build cohesive teams, develop and encode drills and build professional mastery.


Notwithstanding the efforts of many institutions over the last few years, very few of us have fully embraced online learning. That has now all changed. The imperatives of physical distancing during the COVID-19 crises has forced us all the reassess how we deliver learning and engage our students. For some, this has been a very rapid scale-up of online capability, and for others, it has been a more seamless transition.


But all of us have learned something. To that end, we have created this portal for institutions – military and civilian – to post their lessons from their transition to fully online learning over the last few months. In sharing to good and the bad, we might all improve how we support our students, develop our lecturers and instructors, and nurture learning in this new environment.


Any institution willing to provide a one page summary of their lessons is welcome here. We welcome insights across the breadth of online learning, including:

  • Learner engagement
  • Content development
  • Lesson delivery and syndicate discussion
  • Learning network issues (design, development, bandwidth, software, etc)
  • Network security
  • Student assessment
  • Instructor / academic staff training for online delivery.


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