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The concept of an Intellectual Edge has been discussed in various fora and publications, including the Australian Defence College’s The Australian Joint Professional Military Education Continuum. But are we any closer to a shared understanding?


The JPME Continuum identifies the need to establish an intellectual edge as an essential requirement to generate an advantage over any future adversary. It provides a useful lodestar for professional development but, is it attainable or merely a lofty goal? 


This series invites you to contribute your understanding of what an intellectual edge is and should be. The aim is to refine, strengthen and deepen its definition to build greater measurability of what an intellectual edge is – and therefore, what it can be in the future. 


As the Australian Defence College team work to evolve the next version of the JPME Continuum, this series will inform what it might look like.


The Forge and the Australian Defence College JPME team would like to thank all the authors who submitted an article.

Submissions closed on Friday, 3 July 2020.



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