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Jamie Cullens Writing Competition

About Jamie Cullens

Jamie Cullens, Founding Director CDLE
Jamie Cullens

Jamie Cullens was the founding Director of what is now known as the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics (CDLE). He served for 19 years in the Infantry, commanded at platoon, company and battalion levels. He saw operational service in Kashmir with the UN, in Panama with US forces and  Australian Special Forces in Iraq. He was appointed as the first Director of the Centre for Defence Leadership Studies in 2002, supporting command, leadership, management and military ethics program development at the Australian Defence College (ADC). He served in this role for over a decade and is known across Defence as a champion for the education and training of ADF and APS members in military ethics and leadership.

About the Competition

Founded in 2018, authors were invited to pen an essay of 3000 words (+/- 10%) across three (3) categories. In 2020 the competition was expanded to include opinion pieces, poetry, short stories and graphic novels. All categories have a generic theme allowing entrants to explore topics in leadership, culture and ethics in Defence.


Book voucher prizes are awarded for first, second and third in each category.

The Australian Defence College, the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics and The Forge thank all the contributors and congratulate the winners of the competitions. Winning entries can be viewed through the links below.


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