About the Competition

Authors were invited to pen an essay of 3000 words (+/- 10%), a persuasive article or opinion piece of 1500-2000 words (+/- 10%), a short story of 1500-3000 words, a poem of any length, or a graphic novel of any length. All authors were invited to address a generic theme of leadership, culture, or ethics in Defence. 

Category 1 - Essays

  1. First Prize: CPL Caitlin Riley: Is Emotionally Unintelligent Leadership the Enemy Within?
  2. Second Prize: LAC Michael Burke: Rewarding Failure
  3. Third Prize: PTE Madison Sage: War and Asymmetrical Morality

Category 2 – Articles and Opinion Pieces

  1. First Prize: CPL Ryan Slaven : Why a soldiers life is valued less
  2. Second Prize: SQNLDR Mitch Higbed : Leaders Make Decisions

Category 3 – Short Stories

  1. First Prize: AB Thomas Stone: Fangs out, Eyes Up
  2. Second Prize: PTE Lachlan Hutchings : The Story of CPL Harry Draper

Category 4 - Poems

  1. First Prize: LT Luke Dekkers: Roaring Rain Falls Down
  2. Second Prize: Mr Mark Acebo: Unexpected Wedding
  3. Third Prize: LS Jake Dell: The Aft Lookout

Category 5 - Graphic Novels

  1. First Prize: FLTLT Adam Lo: One and Free

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