Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Forge?

The Forge is an online portal operated by the Australian Defence College that provides access to a broad range of learning material to support members of the profession of arms and those with an interest in Defence, national security and strategy.

How can I access The Forge?

The Forge can be accessed from any web enabled device including personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Simply type the web address into your browser and start exploring.  The url is The best approach is to access the site using Chrome. If Chrome does not work, use your most recent version of Internet Explorer.

Can I access The Forge on the DRN?

Yes.  If Chrome does not work and Internet Explorer is not working on the DRN, please contact the Defence ICT Helpdesk.  

Who can access The Forge?

Anyone.  The Forge is open to the public.  All site users can submit content for consideration.

Will The Forge enable users to complete online courses?

No. The site is not linked to any formal training courses and is intended instead to be a platform for engaged learners to actively seek out material to support their professional development.  In the future, we envisage that there will be greater access to Australian Defence College courses and other Defence organisation education opportunities through The Forge. 

Will The Forge be linked to any other defence online learning tools?

Yes.  At this stage the site is standalone.  However, links to other Australian Defence, international military institutions and external links are provided in the Additional Resources section of the site.

Can I get accreditation for completing activities on The Forge?

Not yet.  While we are confident the material on this site will assist with your continuous professional development, The Forge currently does not have the capability to deliver accredited courses or to track students’ engagement with its content.

What is JPME?

JPME stands for Joint Professional Military Education. The term JPME refers to the professional continuum around which education and training is structured and delivered to members of the Defence organisation.  The JPME levels reflects whether the material is dealt with at an introductory level or at a higher level of complexity.  The Levels allow users to determine which material is likely to be most suitable for their professional development based on their experience level.

Can I contribute to The Forge?

Yes please. The Forge welcomes contributions from users and looks forward to the site growing and evolving over time.

What kind of material is The Forge interested in receiving from contributors?

The Forge is designed to host a wide variety of materials from academic articles, videos, imagery, blogs or website links. Content submissions should fit naturally within one of the four core study areas in the JPME although some cross over is possible. When content is submitted, it will be reviewed, categorised and tagged so that it is published under the correct subject area and JPME level.

If I contribute to The Forge, will I be recognised as the author?

Yes.  A secondary benefit of the site is that it provides a platform to put ideas forward and have your original content published. All submissions will be attributed to the original author to ensure that the intellectual property of submissions is respected.

Can I comment on content within The Forge or ‘rate’ articles?

Not yet.  At this stage the functionality for comments and debate within the site is not enabled.  However, you are able to share artefacts via email or social media to facilitate discussion and to provide your opinion.

Are there any social media sites directly associated with The Forge?

Not at this stage. But please share content from The Forge on your preferred social media platforms and follow ADC’s professional discussion through @WarInTheFuture.

Why are there QR Codes on The Forge?

Each artefact on the site has a unique QR Code so that users can save a link to an article or video they are interested in and view it at another time. This is just one way users can interact and customise their Forge experience.

How do I retrieve old content items?

Search.  The Forge allows for users to search using a range of fields including title, author, date and keyword.

How frequently is The Forge updated?

The frequency varies.  The content on The Forge is user-driven meaning that anyone can submit content for publication at any time. There will be regular contributions from within the Australian Defence College from both recognised commentators as well as students on course.

What is the classification of material on The Forge?

Unclassified.  All material published on The Forge will be Unclassified (or below) and appropriate for public release.  Through a moderation and review process, all content contributions will be reviewed prior to publication on The Forge. 

Where is content in The Forge sourced?

Everywhere.  The Forge encourages a broad range of contributions from both domestic and international sources. Due to the wide variety of subject matter, there is likely to be both academic commentary as well as mainstream commentary from media and other popular sources. All contributions are welcomed as long as the content contributes to the quality of discourse on the topics covered.

Do I have to create an account to use The Forge?

No. There is no requirement for users to have an account to interact with The Forge. This means you can search, explore, read, view and share content without logins or passwords.

Can I bookmark items so I can read/refer to them at a later date?

Yes.  Much like any website, you can add bookmarks and save links to particular pages or articles. We would also recommend using the QR Code functionality for specific resources so that you can save a link to use later on your mobile, tablet or other device.  Remember too that you can add a bookmark to your Home Screen and access The Forge much like any other app or website.

Can I access this site on my phone or tablet?

Yes. The site is mobile first. There is a user friendly, customised view that is compatible with most mobile devices. You can also add a bookmark to your Home Screen and access The Forge much like any other app or website.

When will The Forge be fully activated?

Now.  There is already content within each study area and the site has the functionality to save and share particular items of interest. We recommend that you start engaging with the site and sharing it amongst your networks.  In particular, we encourage you to contribute content and to contact The Forge Project team via email the.forge [at] with any feedback or suggestions for future features you would like to see.