The Forge – 2019 in Review


The Forge came online a year ago, with the aim of helping to ‘build and hone the intellectual edge of those involved in the Profession of Arms’. The Forge is designed to enhance the joint professional education courses delivered by the Australian Defence College (ADC). It is also aimed at engaging professionals who work throughout the diverse sectors that comprise the broader national security sector.


Throughout the year, the site has published numerous contributions from military and national security professionals from throughout the world. The team also launched the site’s first ‘hashtag’ series, the #WhyWeWrite series, which showcased current ADF military writers, with the intention of encouraging others, particularly at the rank of O5 and above, to consolidate their thinking and experience into a written form. The contributions are very honest and open accounts of why officers have chosen to contribute to the discourse on the myriad matters that affect the military profession. If you are thinking about writing, and are not sure of where to start, we recommend our final post in the #WhyWeWrite series, which was about getting started in professional writing.


The Forge GEN 2.0 website was launched this November with an improved interface, and features access to The Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS), the flagship publication of the Australian Defence Force, which was launched on 08 November 2018.


The Editorial Team looks forward to hosting the 2020 #ADFSciFiComp winning entries and honourable mentions. The Australian Defence College launched the competition in November and the Sci-Fi Writing Competition and the Call for Entries is live now! Get writing!


The Editorial Team thanks our contributors and the ADC team for their continued support throughout 2019. We look forward to receiving your contributions and working with you in 2020 to continue the conversation about warfare and national security.


The Forge Editors