JMAP & Operational

The class of 2019 were asked to analyse the ability of the Australian Joint Military Appreciation Process (JMAP) to deliver Operational Art.

JMAP assist in developing Operational Art

How does the JMAP assist in developing Operational Art?

The primary limitation to achieving operational art through a structured planning processes such as the JMAP, is the extent to which staff and the commander are prepared to adapt the process.

The role of JMAP and Operational Art

The Pacific Step-up – the role of JMAP and Operational Art

The Joint Military Appreciation Process (JMAP) is not able to achieve the ADF objectives in Pacific Step-up. As formal military planning processes, the JMAP is designed to draw out necessary considerations for the practical conduct of war.
Operational planning and execution

Learn the process, then you’re an expert. Right?

When considering how a particular skill set might be applied, practice, process and experience are essential components of the discussion. In all roles in the ADF, technical mastery of specialist skills is achieved over months or even years of learning and practicing to be the best at a particular thing – shooting rifles, changing engines, flying aircraft, the list goes on.