The Forge is an online hub designed to help build and hone the intellectual edge of those involved in the Profession of Arms.

This innovative approach to military education is being delivered by the Australian Defence College (ADC), an institution which facilitates the professional mastery of members of the Defence organisation.

The site is structured so that it supports continuous learning in key areas of the Continuum of Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) for officers and interested national security stakeholders.

The four core study areas are National Security Policy and Strategy; Command Leadership and Ethics; Joint Warfare and Technology and Capability.

Traditionally, military professional development has been conducted within classroom settings or formal learning environments. Often this required access to restricted networks or particular software applications as well as agreement to attend formal training during work hours.

That is what makes The Forge different.

The Forge provides an online, external learning portal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The core study areas are structured in a way that complements and extends on traditional course delivery. This means that users can interact with The Forge out of personal interest, to enhance their professional development or to assist with research for formal education and training offered across the national security sector.

The content on The Forge is user-driven meaning that anyone can submit content for publication. This content can range from academic articles, videos, imagery, blogs or website links with the ability to share existing material or submit original ideas.

When content is submitted, it is reviewed by our team to ensure that it meets appropriate quality guidelines prior to publication. Once available online, users can then read and share these artefacts to help with both informal and formal JPME.

The Forge is ever evolving with change based on what users find most valuable as well as in response to advances across the profession of arms and JMPE more broadly.

The Forge welcomes your feedback and contributions to this shared space.